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Smoked Grated Botargo Stefos in a jar 50g is 100% natural product without preservatives, with a very strong aroma full of sea notes. Premium quality moderately dehydrated Grey Mullet Roe, Smoked by natural smoke, with the company's unparallel recipe that makes it a unique product throughout the wo  Περισσότερα
Ελλάδα, Μεσολόγγι  

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Premium quality Grey Mullet Roe,Traditional Botargo Stefos is a 100% natural product, without preservatives Traditional Botargo with a distinct yet delicate taste, velvety texture and a long aftertaste. Its colour ranges from golden yellow to golden reddish. A unique delicacy, with high nutritional  Περισσότερα
Ελλάδα, Μεσολόγγι  
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